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We are excited about having you on board and look forward to a great working relationship. Enclosed is a packet of information that will hopefully answer many questions you may have. Though this is something that should be fun for you and your child, you will need to approach it as a business. Every time your child goes on an audition, he or she should be portrayed in their best light. Make auditions a fun time for the family. Avoid any "pressure" or negativity - your child will pick up on it. Concentrate on what you can control and find a way to keep the rest from making you crazy. This HAS to be something your child enjoys, not something that only you as a parent enjoy.

Before you decide to have us represent your child please ask yourself if your child is good around unfamiliar people. Is your child well mannered? Can he/she tolerate long periods of waiting at auditions or on the set? Is he disciplined? Does he enjoy being photographed and fussed over? Does he follow directions easily, both yours and others? Keep in mind that parents are not allowed in during an audition. How would this affect your child's behavior? 

Kids Unlimited Talent Agency handles everything from print work, radio voice-overs, commercials, industrial films, and TV films/series to feature films. We make our money through commissions earned when the actors we represent work. There are no monthly fees. We make money when you do and at no other time. If you want your child to work, it is very important that you make yourself available to audition.

The following are the absolute MINIMUM requirements we need to represent your child.

1. An Answering Machine and Access to Email- Check it frequently throughout the day. If you are fairly mobile and away from home quite a bit, a cell phone is a good idea. It is important that we are able to reach you on short notice. If you don’t check your email at least 3 or 4 times a day you could miss out on important information!  Set up an alert on your cell phone if you can to let you know when an email from us comes in! Email is our preferred way of notifying folks of auditions―it is just a simply inclusive way---so stay connected! We are VERY busy people. The fewer phone calls we need to make to track you down the easier it is on us. Let us know if you are going on vacation and how to reach you if you can be reached!

2. Headshots - We HAVE to have these to represent your child. Period. They are NOT OPTIONAL-Your child’s marketing tool is the headshot.

A good headshot should make someone want to meet your child and know more about him or her. The headshot should look like your child. Focus should be on the child, not the clothing or the background. Hats and fancy hairdos are distracting in most cases. We realize that children change VERY quickly. But, it is still important to have your child's headshot done at least every two years or when a major change in appearance occurs. Sometimes a casting directors decision to see a child is based SOLELY on their headshot. It reflects poorly on you and on us if the child shows up a foot taller, with much shorter hair and braces when their headshot did not reflect those changes in appearance! PHOTOGRAPHERS - Make sure it is a professional head shot photographer. Most headshots that are taken by a parent look like a headshot taken by a parent. This is usually the FIRST impression people have of your child and sometimes the only one. Make it a good one. Below is a list of photographers in the area we can suggest:
Jennifer Robertson - Raleigh -
Charlie Hepler - Greensboro - (336) 294-2152
Chad Hillman  - (L.A. area but Chad is back here every few months)
Patricia Rosemon - Wilmington - (310) 766-6011
Lawrence Smith Photography -
Keith Papke - Original Mind Productions - - (919) 816-7285
The photographer should supply you with proofs or a contact sheet and at least one 8x10 copy of your desired print. We will be glad to look at your proofs to help you decide on a headshot if you can scan them on the computer. The above photographers fees vary a bit, but a good headshot will usually range in the $150-$400 range.
For reproduction we suggest Isgo Photo Go with a Litho print---we do not care about borders or fonts―your choice!  We would suggest ordering 100 to begin with―you should be able to get these for less than $100.

3. RESUME - We need your child's resume printed or glued on the back of each headshot you send us. Keep the resume as current as possible, especially their vitals like height and weight. Your child's resume should include:

Your child's name centered at the top - make it BIG
The Kid's Unlimited information - (address, phone number, fax)
Statistics (height, weight, eye color, hair color, birth date)
Special Skills

PLEASE no personal commentaries about your child. No personal contact information should appear on your child's resume - that includes your address and social security number. The resume should be professional and easy to read. Many people type the resume at home and print it from their computer directly on the back of the headshot. Some copy shops can do it as well. We prefer it printed. Glue will work, but tends to separate over time and get "lumpy." Stapling a resume should be a last resort - they tend to tear or fall off. We need approximately 10-15 headshots/resumes to start with.  The best way to get these to us is to simply mail them to:

Kids Unlimited
1816 Bonnibee Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27612

That is it for the requirements. Here are some common questions that people
**** How are the kids chosen for an audition?
We are called by casting directors to submit children to audition for a specific project. Sometimes the people casting know EXACTLY whom they want to see. This may be based on appearance from headshots they looked at in our talent book or website, or it may be based upon work a child has done for them previously. Sometimes Kids Unlimited has control over who is sent. We may get a call that says "send me 3 of your best 10 year old girls. No brunettes please." We have to use our best judgment and follow the guidelines sent to us in making our decision on whom to send out for a particular audition. Your child may be a tremendous actor, but too tall/short, have the wrong hair color or "look" for a part. Please try to trust our judgment.

**** How often can we expect an audition? What do we bring to an audition?
Be available as much as possible for auditions. When they occur, they are often on very short notice. You may go months without an audition and then have 3 in a 2-week span. We "NEVER know in advance.  We likewise do not have control over the audition schedule. In most cases- it cannot be adjusted ­period. It may be early morning in Wilmington, or late afternoon in Charlotte. Unfortunately, we are not asked what is convenient for our talent - we are just given times for talent to be there. We do understand that it is not possible to make every audition. But you do need to make them a priority or your child will never work. The kids that audition most are the ones that work the most. Keep up to date headshots and resumes available and with you. Bring them on vacation! BRING 2 RESUMES TO EVERY AUDITION AND CALLBACK.

**** What about school? How do I get my child there?
Expect your child to miss some school for auditions or bookings. Talk to your child's teacher or principal before an audition comes up to see what their policy is. Have a plan in place. When possible, we try to secure times that will work well for out of town auditions after school times but this is very often not possible. For those of you with both parents working, you will need a plan in place to get your child to auditions. This can be a grandparent, baby sitter sometimes our families develop "carpools" and take turns. We cannot arrange a ride for you. That is your responsibility.

**** What happens when there are lines? How much do we know before we go?
If we get sides (pages of script) beforehand, we will fax them to you. It is VITAL that your child is familiar with the sides and memorizes them before the audition. If we have a "character" description or any other helpful information, we will let you know over the phone. We will also give you any other pertinent information regarding dress if applicable, accent, age range etc. When you get there you will be asked to sign in and wait your turn. If a project does not have lines, the audition may consist of a short improvisation, or just be a quick "look-see" and conversation with the casting director. Most auditions are videotaped. For many jobs, there "Will be "callbacks." You may have an initial audition with a casting director, and then a "callback" a week later with the casting director and the client. Some callbacks are very small. Others may involve almost as many kids as originally auditioned. It is a weeding out process. For callbacks, do what you did and wear what you wore in the original audition. It must have worked or you wouldn't be called back! In terms of feedback from casting directors after the audition, we rarely get any feedback whatsoever. That's just the way it is. Casting directors sometimes see 100 kids for a part and can't get back to us on each child. If we do hear something, we will pass it along.

**** How do we dress for auditions?
For most auditions, dress NATURALLY. No makeup on girls. No frilly dresses or church clothes. Avoid logos or large print of any kind. If the part calls for anything specific, we will let you know. Let the casting people see your child - not fancy clothes. They are usually looking for a REAL kid and want to be able to easily imagine your child in this role. If the role calls for a special "look" we will let you know.

**** I got the job - now what?
We may hear that you have been hired the same day you auditioned, or it may be a week later. The waiting is tough! If you have been fortunate enough to be cast, we "Will be in touch as soon as we hear the good news! Very often though after we call you, you may be dealing with the production company after that. Usually it is the production company that arranges your hotel, per diem, shoot schedule etc..... If you want a copy of a job that you are shooting, please ask while you are filming how to obtain that. We cannot do that for you. Typically those copies are mailed only to the talent. Ask the production assistant, get their business card and inquire as to when it may be ready. (Sometimes it may be many months of editing before you can get a copy!) About the time they approximated it would be complete, send a polite e-mail or leave a message. This is a courtesy they provide, not a requirement so please be gracious. There are some jobs where you will not be able to secure a copy due to confidential information or copyright laws. It just depends. But it is much easier to ask while you are filming, than to try to track it down later.

**** How do we pay you?
In terms of payment, we NEVER know when it will occur. Sometimes it can take a few weeks or a few months. Sometimes the agency is paid directly, and at other times payment goes directly to you. I do my best to get payment to you quickly and expect you to extend the same courtesy. The agency is entitled to 15% of all earned for nonunion jobs, and 10% earned for union work. Always copy your check stub so we can make sure you were paid what was contracted for If the check comes to you directly, send us a check for our fee to the Kids Unlimited address. Please pay promptly. If the check comes directly to Kid's Unlimited, we will send you an email and send it out immediately.

**** How do we best reach you?
In many ways! Email is the best way to get a response.  With so many kids---there is often no way to have a personal phone call or meeting. Calling us just to touch base about something may take 2 plus days to get a
phone call returned based upon the sheer volume of calls we make and return each day. If you leave a message BE VERY SPECIFIC about what you need. This is much more likely to get a quick response than a vague "call me." That way we can also answer your question even if we get a machine etc.  Also, we work out of offices that are in our homes. We both have families and children. Though the business dictates that we work rather unusual hours at times, please respect our time as well. Try to keep non-urgent phone calls to the hours of 9 a.m.-7 p.m. If there is an audition the next day, and you need directions or sides etc. or you have to cancel etc. by all means call us when you need to? Unfortunately it has not been uncommon though for a parent to call us at 11 o'clock on a Friday night to ask advice regarding their child's hair for an audition the following Wednesday. This can be very exhausting when it happens over and over. Please don't be afraid to call us - but with over 200 kids/families that we represent, we spend a LOT of time on the phone. We have the cell phone bills to prove it. Email is MUCH easier to answer for general questions.

We have also set up a Yahoo Group Email where we often post notices and send notices about auditions. If you don’t get on the list---you are missing out on vital information.
Last but not least is the Website---more and more our website is being used by casting directors etc. to select who they want to see for a particular audition.  To get your child on the web---email our webmaster Nick DeVito- at You can scan the headshot and mail to him or snail mail to him.  Email him to find out how!  Make sure to give him your stats too―i.e. age, height etc. Go to the website at to check it out―make sure your child is in the appropriate space and if their stats are correct.
The agency's main phone number is (919) 785-1223. Our main fax number is (919) 781-1109. We rarely have time to "chat." We wish we did. If we call you for an audition, please be respectful of our time. TAKE NOTES AND DIRECTIONS. SAVE MAPS AND DIRECTIONS that we send to you. You will very likely need them again. Sometimes we have 15 other kids to call. An audition job like that can take hours before everyone is reached and sent the sides and the directions. You would be surprised! Often this may be the day before the audition and time is ticking away to reach other folks.  If you need time to decide, PLEASE just say that and let us know you will call us back. We cannot arrange rides, but can let you know who else is going so you can try to reach them and carpool. We cannot advise you whether to go or not - our advice will almost always be to go! We can give you filming dates, pay and callback dates if available to help you decide.
Ultimately it is up to you! You know your schedule and obligations - not us! We do know that most of you lead very full, busy lives, and we respect and encourage that. But we also know that the best way for you to get work is to audition. It's that simple! We hope this answers your questions. We are sure you have MANY more. Please feel free to ask whatever we haven't covered. Again, email is preferred for all non-urgent communication.
This is a tough business. You are in for a wild ride. It can be very discouraging to audition over and over and never be cast, while little Billy gets cast the first time out. That is the nature of the business and rejection is unfortunately a big part of it. Real life has enough pressures. Try not to let auditions be one of them. Make sure your child knows that as long as they are having FUN and doing their best that the rest is out of their control. It can take as many as 10 auditions before getting cast. It can be a long process, but one that can be rewarding and fun if you let it. Take care and once again, WELCOME to Kids Unlimited Talent Agency.
Terri Dollar / Julie ter Avest